Free APS Gradients for Photoshop & Photoshop Elements

24 gradients for Ps and pse suitable for backgrounds and captions.


After downloading, unzip, copy and paste gradients in Photoshop\Presets\Gradients or Photoshop Elements\Presets\Gradients folder.

Downloads from here (Photoshop Exchange).

Check and my Photoshop Exchange contributions or Free APS stuff page (navigation on top).
Note: all colors in gradients have CMYK values. Middle point is for all two color gradients at 50%. To change gradient color follow this steps:
1. Click on edit gradient
2. Click on Color stop
3. Click on Change color for selected stop
4. Choose color in Select stop color dialog, type values in text fields on the right side ( use Color Libraries button to open that dialog)
5. Or choose color from Swatches panel


My suggestion is to use guides to draw gradients so end point of one color and start point of another will always be at middle of document or selection. Place guides at the beginning and end of document or selection and turn on Snap and Snap to > Guides from View menu. Click closest possible you can to guide, hold down Shift key then drag to another guide and release.


Gradients keyboard shortcuts for Ps & pse:
Next gradient: (.)
Previous gradient: (,)
First gradient: Shift + (,)
Last gradient: Shift + (.)
Next drawing mode: ]
Previous drawing mode: [


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