APS Grass and Leaves brushes

With grass and leaves brushes you can produce interesting paintings and backgrounds.


Follow link to Photoshop Exchange to download this set.

Check and my Photoshop Exchange contributions or Free APS stuff page (navigation on top).

Fun starts with options in Brush panel: Window > Brush (F5). Try different Scattering, Shape Dynamics options and don’t forget to boost Saturation and Brightness Jitters along with Purity in Color Dynamics tab. Set and different Foreground and Background colors.


Changing Foreground/Background Jitter also makes different results.


Create several layers and paint then change layers blend mode or open Layer Blending Options dialog and work with Advanced Blending options.


Example of using different Grass brushes and different layers blend options.

Jesen naslikana četkicom u Adobe Photoshop

With semi-transparent leaves you can create interesting backgrounds or paintings. Use Brush panel to set Spacing, Scattering, Color Dynamics options.



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