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APS Weave Photoshop and Photoshop Elements patterns

This set contains 53 Weave Photoshop patterns. Patterns can be used and with Adobe Photoshop Elements and not only patterns, Brushes, Custom Shapes, Actions, Gradients.. If you are working with Elements feel free to download and use all Photoshop goodies from this blog.

Downloads from this link

After downloading and unzipping patterns, copy and paste .pat file in Photoshop\Presets\Patterns (or Photoshop Elements\Presets\Patterns) folder on your computer. Many of patterns in this set contains transparent background so you can fill it with any color or pattern. If you need to rescale patterns good values are 50% and 25%.

Here is preview of available patterns in this set. Note: many patterns have transparent background.

APS Animal Furs patterns

Here you have choice to download 42 all together patterns within 2 sets:

Animal Furs 30 patterns (Photoshop Exchange)

Animal Furs2 with 12 patterns (Photoshop Exchange)

Check and my Photoshop Exchange contributions or Free APS stuff page (navigation on top).

After downloading unzip patterns with any unzipper such ZIP, WinRAR, IZArc, Hamster.. Copy and paste in Photoshop\Presets\Patterns folder then start Photoshop. You may see video on how to unzip and install patterns.

Here are some previews of available patterns which you may use without limitations for backgrounds, to blend with images or to build custom styles.

APS Animal Furs

APS Animal Furs2

APS Grass and Leaves brushes

With grass and leaves brushes you can produce interesting paintings and backgrounds.

Follow link to Photoshop Exchange to download this set.

Check and my Photoshop Exchange contributions or Free APS stuff page (navigation on top).

Fun starts with options in Brush panel: Window > Brush (F5). Try different Scattering, Shape Dynamics options and don’t forget to boost Saturation and Brightness Jitters along with Purity in Color Dynamics tab. Set and different Foreground and Background colors.

Changing Foreground/Background Jitter also makes different results.

Create several layers and paint then change layers blend mode or open Layer Blending Options dialog and work with Advanced Blending options.

Example of using different Grass brushes and different layers blend options.

With semi-transparent leaves you can create interesting backgrounds or paintings. Use Brush panel to set Spacing, Scattering, Color Dynamics options.

APS Brushes to add borders around images

Here is set of brushes to add borders around your images.

After downloading set, unzip it, copy and paste into Photoshop\Presets\Brushes folder. Downloads from link below.

Some examples what you can do with this set of brushes:

While adding borders you will need to reduce size and rotate brushes, this can be done from Brush panel: Window > Brush (F5). Values to enter for Angle: 90, -90, 180 and -180.

Free B&W conversion actions for Photoshop

Actions to convert digital photos into Black & White, some of them use presets from Black White adjustment and some actions are advanced. Along with B&W actions I included and Revert, Duplicate, Match All, Tile actions to make it easier to create several versions and compare converted photos. Actions which allows you to tint photos using Duotone presets are also included as well as actions to tint photo with Sepia tones.

Downloads from here  (Photoshop Exchange)

Check and my Photoshop Exchange contributions. Also check freebies section on this blog where you can find more actions and freebies.

Here is video (wait a second browser to load file) and my suggestion how to use those actions and below is short description for each action. I am using Sreencast to host SWF files, they offer hosting up to 2 GB loads in size for free.

APS B&W actions descriptionHigh Key converts image into Black & White using Maximum White preset from Black White adjustment layer. Thi…

70 free Photoshop patterns

Here we have 70 Photoshop patterns created with Filter Forge - the best Photoshop plug-in. Filter Forge is probably best tool to create patterns and includes huge online library with several thousands filters which can be downloaded at any time. Beside huge library this app allows you to create and customize your own patterns. That’s tip for software to create patterns and here are patterns I want to share with you. Get Filter Forge – an advanced Photoshop plugin allowing you to build your own filters.

Unpack patterns and load in Photoshop or place them in Presets > Patterns folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Presets\Patterns on Windows (XP) computers.

Downloads from here (Photoshop Exchange.

Check and my Photoshop Exchange contributions or Free APS stuff page (navigation on top).

Below is video which explains how to blend patterns with image.

In this video I am explaining how to blend Pattern Overlay with underlying image from Layer Style dialog. You can find thousan…

Free APS Photoshop Styles

Photoshop Styles (8) inspired with leather. Use styles with shapes and bigger font size.

Downloads from here (Photoshop Exchange).

Check and my Photoshop Exchange contributions or Free APS stuff page (navigation on top).

How to install Photoshop patterns on Windows – SBS VISUAL TUTORIALS

In this video I am using APS_Photoshop_patterns as example. APS  patterns will be available for download probably in the very next tutorial. I work on Windows XP but process is very similar and for newer Windows versions: Vista and 7.

Photoshop Help / Creating and managing patterns
Photoshop Help / Presets, Preferences, and Plug-ins

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

Free Photoshop custom shapes: relations, charts,cycles..

I created 38 custom shapes based on MS Word SmartArt graphic for myself and I am about to share with anyone who may need this set. Downloads from here.

Unpack downloaded file then copy and paste it in Photoshop/Presets/Custom Shapes folder. For Windows users: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Presets\Custom Shapes.

Next time you start Photoshop preset APS_Photoshop_shapes (feel free to rename it to something more meaningful for you) will appear in Custom shape list.

1 Choose Custom Shape
2 Click on arrow on the right side of Shape
3 Click on arrow in right upper corner
4 Choose name of the set

If you are wondering how to use them, I can suggest you to add text on top of shapes (what else) apply some layer effect and use them in your projects and PDF's.

What you should pay attention when working in Adobe Camera Raw

When working in Adobe Camera raw you should always pay attention to workflow options which are represented as link at bottom of Camera raw window. In this dialog you can specify important settings: color profile, bit depth, size… Camera raw picks up from original file only size or pixel dimensions the rest important settings you must specify in Workflow options dialog. Note: specified settings remains defaults till you change it manually. In this video I am using scenario to open the image from ACR in Photoshop but exact same thing will happen if you try to save the image on disc from ACR.

Creative Suite / Manage Camera Raw settings

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Camera Raw 6

Sharpening tips for Camera Raw and Lightroom

Almost every image needs sharpening and most of images needs and color and luminance reduction. Camera raw and Lightroom have Detail panel for this job. In Detail panel we have many sliders to tweak noise reduction and sharpening and some tips how to do this job more accurate and with greater visual onscreen control. By the way I learned this technic from Chris Orwig in his Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: Camera Raw 6 . This is my recommendation if you are interesting in learning Camera raw in depth because Chris is explaining when and why to use Camera raw and deconstructing Camera raw tools, so after this video serial you will understand how tools works and be able to use them more efficiently. If you are not interesting to learn Camera raw in depth rather just to use it to correct common things in your images then look for 7 point system from Scot Kelby. If you are looking for good Lightroom video tutorials I will again point to Chris Orwig and his Photoshop Lightroom Essential …

Sharpen with High Pass and how this method works

We use this filter to sharpen images usually and I believe most of you already know for recipe to apply 2-3 Radius in High Pass dialog then to change blending mode to Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light. Most of tutorialists and instructors will explain that blending modes from “contrast group” where belongs already mentioned blending modes ‘’ignores’’ neutral gray areas. Excellent, but what means this “ignores’’? This means my friends that blending mode from contrast group won’t be applied at all where neutral gray color is present, in other words neutral gray acts as black color in layers masks, for those who are familiar with layer masks.

Sharpening with High Pass (Filter > Other > High Pass) works increasing contrast with one of blending modes which do this job in Photoshop: Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light, Vivid Light or Linear Light. Those blending modes increases contrast uniformly to entire image and High Pass job is to detect edges and highlight them with lighter color o…

Draw a ring shape in Photoshop

If you ever wonder how to draw ring shape in Photoshop video below explains how-to. Some additional explanations for the video:

To control stroke or ring width draw first circle with fixed size for example 140 px for Width and Height. This can be done from Geometry options in options bar as shown in video.

Press Ctrl + Alt + T keyboard shortcut to duplicate shape and enter free transform mode. If you don’t see size’s in pixels for shape in options bar (my rulers are set to Percent in video because I changed in advance Width and Height to pixels) then right click inside Width and Height fields and choose Pixels. One more thing: in video I have Snap and Snap to > Guides from View menu turned on to snap to guides while drawing from center.

To draw ring with 5 pixels width (stroke) type 130 px for Width and Height. To draw ring with 2 pixels width type 136 px for Width and Height. You get it? In first example 130 is 10 pixels lesser the 140 but count that second ring will be 5 p…

Record, play, save, load actions in Photoshop – interactive tutorials

I created executable files (mini applications) for Windows and Mac with 5 actions exercise’s:
- Insert menu item action
- More complex action
- Complex action
- Save and load actions in Photoshop
- Batch apply action to all open files in Photoshop

You can download Record, play, save and load actions in - 27.1 MB , and here is for Mac users. After downloading, extract files and double click Captivate icon.
Executable file will run (won't be installed) on your machine and you can navigate through available exercise’s or email me if any issue.

While testing I experienced problem with Alt + ( . ) shortcut in Windows version to target top most layer. When you can not perform any action using Photoshop keyboard shortcut just press Play button at bottom of application window to continue.

Here is example of introductory exercise Record  Insert Menu Item action: click link below to open exercise in full size on
Insert menu item action


Adjust tones and remove color cast in Photoshop - interactive tutorials

In this exercise you will adjust tones and remove color cast using Levels adjustments. Click button in the middle to begin then follow instructions and click where callout (speech bubble) is pointing.

Note: I realize that Internet Explorer have problem to display content and have no idea why. Anyway Chrome, Safari and Firefox have no problem with this swf content. Wait a minute browser to load interactive tutorial.

Photoshop Help / Adjusting image color and tone

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended