Show Info Overlay (Cropped Dimensions, Megapixels, Capture Date/Time) in Photoshop Lightroom

Sometimes or all the time you want to see your photo dimensions especially after cropping, size occupied on disc, date and time when photo is captured, folder where photo is stored and so on. You can see all information you are interesting in Library Loupe View and Develop module from View > Loupe View (Ctrl or Cmd + I) or have it on the screen all the time. In Lightroom this is called Info Overlay.

Information’s displayed on screen can be controlled from View > View Options (Ctrl or Cmd + J). Name of module + View Options dialog will appear. In Library module this dialog is slightly different from dialog in Develop module and have two tabs: Grid View and Loupe View. Info Overlay can be shown only in Loupe View so click on that tab to control which information’s to see on screen.

First option on the top of dialog is Show Info Overlay. When this option is turned on, Info Overlay will be always shown on screen. On the right side choose from drop down list which Info Overlay to be shown as default: Info 1 or Info 2. In Loupe Info 1 and Loupe Info 2 sections choose from drop-down lists choose up to three from available options. Press Use Defaults button to populate fields with  default settings. If Show Info Overlay is turned off some additional options becomes active: Check the Show Briefly When Photo Changes option to show the info overlay for only a few seconds when a new image is displayed in the Loupe view. Check the Show Message When Loading Or Rendering Photos option to display a notification in the lower part of the view while the image preview is updated. When you are done click X on top right corner of dialog to exit. There isn’t OK button.

If Show Info Overlay is turned off press Ctrl + I to show it or go to View > Loupe Info > Option. Press I on keyboard to cycle through Info 1 and Info 2 regardless of Info Overlay is shown by default or not.


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