Change image size and resolution in Photoshop - interactive tutorials

In first exercize you will change only pixel dimensions for purpose posting image on the Web. Resolution is not important when image is for viewing purpose only, so leave resolution as it is and change only pixel dimensions.

Note: I realize that Internet Explorer have problem to display content and have no idea why. Anyway Chrome, Safari and Firefox have no problem with this swf content. Wait a minute browser to load interactive tutorial.

In this exercize you will change resolution of image to 300 pixels per inch for professional printing.
In this exercize you will change resolution and document print size. What if you have increased too much resolution while changing document print size? You will find out in exercize below. One suggestion: do not change resolution if you have only few pixels per inch more, for example: printer need 300 ppi and image have 316 ppi, leave as it is.

Photoshop / Image size and resolution

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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