Adding borders to the image in Photoshop – interactive tutorial

Note: I realize that Internet Explorer have problem to display content and have no idea why. Anyway Chrome, Safari and Firefox have no problem with this swf content. Wait a minute browser to load interactive tutorial.

In first exercise you will add gradient border around the image using layer effect. Although solid color or pattern border can be added with stroke layer effect you will use gradient to make things more interesting. Layer effect can not be applied to Background layer so first task will be to convert Background layer to regular (normal layer). Follow instructions and click with mouse (cursor) on screen where callout is pointing.

In second exercise you will add solid color border around image using Border command from select menu. Follow instructions and click with mouse (cursor) on screen where callout is pointing.
In third exercise is presented situation when you have multiple layers in Layers panel. To protect all layers content and leave them intact so you can change them later you will stamp layers. Stamping allows you to merge the contents of more than one layer into a target layer while leaving the other layers intact. To stamp layers use keyboard shortcut: Alt + Ctrl + Shift + E. You will add border around the image using actions which ships with Photoshop and are installed with Photoshop installation.
Fourth exercise is to add border using Photoshop plug-in. OnOne plug-in used in exercise is free for all, more information and download link in this post.

Photoshop / Layer effects and styles

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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