Organizing photos in Lightroom with Collection Sets

We are creating collections in Lightroom to organize and sort our photos. Lightroom automatically displays collections in alphabetical order and that’s OK. When You shooting photos in for example one city as I did the very first thing to do is to separate photos in collections like: River, Monuments, Centre, Church, Hotels and so on. If You continue shooting and making collections very soon Your list of collections will be quit large and good way to organize them is to create collection sets and put individual collections into related set. You can go even further and create collection set inside collection set and make something like folder structure. The benefit of creating folders structure we already know. Lets see how it works and how to do that in Photoshop Lightroom.
You will probably want to create collection set in Library module. With no collection selected first  click on small triangle below plus (+) sign on right side of Collection panel header and choose Create Collection Set..


In Create Collection Set dialog type name for set and click Create.

New collection set with no photos is created and I will proceed to next step immediately. To create collection inside collection set, click on collection set name (1) then on small triangle below plus (sign) on right side of Collection panel header (2) and choose Create Collection. Create Collection dialog will appear with name of set You clicked in step 1 selected in Set: drop-down list from which You can change to any other set. You can skip step 1 and go directly to step 2 then choose name of set from Set: drop-down list or choose None to create collection without nesting it inside collection set. Type name in Name text field and click Create.
I will proceed to create collections till I got how many I need. This is snapshot how my Collections panel looks like with 9 created collections inside two collection sets: Niš and Sankt Peterburg.
To create collection set inside collection set repeat steps 1 to 3 from creating collection inside collection set but this time in step 3 choose Create Collection Set instead Create Collection. You can have as many collections as You want nested in for example two visible collection sets at Collection panel which can be expanded at any time.

Using Photoshop Lightroom 4 / Organizing photos in the catalog / Photo collections / Work with collections and collection sets

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3


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