Creating captions in other languages in Adobe Captivate

If your language is not listed in Preferences > Recording > Generate Captions In: drop down list then you can not automatically generate captions while recording software simulation for example (that’s what I usual do) unless you add new language to the list of existing languages in which text captions are recorded.preferences_recording_create_captions_in_captivate
Text captions of events are stored as CaptureTextTemplates_<language>.rdl files in the
•(On Windows) \\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 5 directory. For example, the RDL file for Chinese-Simplified is CaptureTextTemplates_Chinese-Simplified.rdl.
•(On Mac OS) \\Applications\Adobe Captivate 5 directory.

You can use only the existing RDL files to record text captions in a desired language.
To add your language to existing may sound to you complicated but it is not and I will try to approve that through this tutorial. First open Windows Explorer and navigate to:

•(On Windows) \\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 5 directory
•(On Mac OS) \\Applications\Adobe Captivate 5 directory

Copy template from existing CaptureTextTemplates with language you are familiar (this is important-you are familiar with because you need to change text in captions and you must understand what they say)
Then paste it in the same folder and rename only language, for example from CaptureTextTemplates_English.rdl change to CaptureTextTemplate_Srpski.rdl where Srpski is Serbian-my language. Delete Copy of in front of CaptureTextTemplate (when you copy CaptureTextTemplates_English.rdl, pasted file will be Copy of CaptureTextTemplates_English.rdl).

Right click on newly created file and choose Open With > Notepad or any other text editor and I recommend you Notepad ++ which is free or Dreamweaver which I will use in this example. open_capture_text_templates_with_notepad
When you see how many instances you need to change first thing that comes in your mind is to quit, but wait, this job can be done for 10-15 minutes.

Do not change noting before this line:

<!-- Win & Mac-->

And select first instance on right side after:

So you need to select word: Select in line below
<Object Name="Unknown" DefaultTemplate="Select %s">

In next line: Double-click
<Event Name="LeftDBClick" Template="Double-click %s"/>
Select word then right click and choose Find and Replace or press keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F. In Find and Replace dialog you will have previously selected word in Find section. Type your word to replace it in Replace section. In Options section check Match Case and Match whole word (this is important because if you miss to check this fields every instance of word regardless of case and where this word appear will be selected and replaced with command Change All, for example if you want to change word click, it will change word click when appear in LeftDBClick). Press Change All and all instances of word Select in document will be replaced with word you have typed in Replace: section of Find and Replace dialog.
Continue replacing all other words on left side after Template= and never do not select or delete ( %s ).

<Event Name="LeftDBClick" Template="Double-click the %s dialog"/>
<Event Name="RightClick" Template="Right Click the %s dialog"/>
<Event Name="RightDBClick" Template="Double-click the %s dialog"/>
<Event Name="MiddleDBClick" Template="Double-click the %s dialog"/>
<Event Name="KeyPress" Template="Press %s key"/>

When you are done save file from File > Save (if you following along, if you have copied content from template and pasted into text editor then save file as CaptureTextTemplates_Language.rdl).

Start Captivate and go to Edit > Preferences > Recording > Generate Captions In and choose your language from drop-down list. Click OK button to confirm and exit Preferences and start recording, captions will be generated in your language.

Here is template in Serbian to download. Unzip and paste in (On Windows) \\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 5 directory

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Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Captivate 5


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