Lightroom like Filmstrip in Photoshop

You can have Lightroom like Filmstrip in Photoshop by dragging Mini Bridge plug-in at bottom of screen. First show Mini Bridge if is hidden from Window > Extensions > Mini Bridge. Click and drag it at bottom of screen, when blue line appears, release mouse button.
Now adjust height of panel, navigate mouse button to edge of panel to turn into double-sided arrow, click and drag.
There are many advantages of using Mini Bridge extension: searching for files, previewing in Full screen, access to Favorites from Bridge, adding files or folders to Favorites.
Right click on selected images and choose from context menu. You can see pictures even as Slideshow. To open file right click and choose Open or double click it in Mini Bridge.
To Place file simple drag it into Photoshop. Plus sign will appear below cursor. Release mouse button and You are done.
Here is my suggestion. Drag and Actions panel and dock it next to Mini Bridge and choose Button Mode from panel menu. I have recorded some actions – Most needed commands and You can download it from here.

Photoshop / Workspace basics

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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