Export, share and search Photoshop keyboard shortcuts

In Photoshop you can export keyboard shortcuts as HTML page. This is convenient for sharing and searching shortcuts. Lets see how it works. Open Keyboard shortcuts dialog from Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.. (Alt + Shift + Ctrl + K). Choose any saved set from Set: drop-down list then click on Summarize button.

Save dialog will open. Navigate where you want to save page then click Save button.

Page will open in your default Browser. Press Ctrl + F then type term to search. All major Browser will automatically highlight search term.

Use this page to share shortcuts with colleagues or to search whenever you have problem to remember shortcut assigned to specific command. In this tutorial I am using CS5 version but everything is identical in new Photoshop CS6 version.

Here are keyboard shortcuts and for Illustrator and InDesign both in PDF file format.

Photoshop / Customizing keyboard shortcuts

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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