How to save open and closed Paths in Photoshop

Only way to save paths for later use is to save path as Custom Shape from Edit > Define Custom Shape..
When You need path, draw that shape with Paths for drawing mode selected on Options Bar.
Great, but what if You need an open path to use it over and over again? Do the same thing. First draw path then go to Edit > Define Custom Shape..
When You want to draw exact same path, before drawing it click on Geometry options triangle next to Custom Shape icon at Options Bar and choose Defined Size.
Off course click and on Paths at Options Bar to set that drawing mode, then just click anywhere and Path will be automatically drawn with saved size and proportions. Hold down mouse button and drag to reposition it if needed.
Great. What if You want to use path as base and continue drawing? First draw path then select Pen Tool and navigate mouse button above start or end point. Wait until small circle appear next to Pen Tool icon then click once. Black square will appear at clicked point.
Continue to draw…

Photoshop / Managing paths

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5


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