Things you may not know in Photoshop

Informations about width, height, resolution of open document are available from Status Bar. Just click on thiny status bar strip and you will see those informations.

You can change background color of image area on right click in empty space outside of the image. Beside three pre-defined options there is and Custom Background Color option which allows you to choose any other color from Color Picker dialog.

You can make several versions (Snapshots) of the same photo from HISTORY palette. With state you want to record to memory, open HISTORY (Window > History) and click on camera icon. To go back to that state with all adjustments simply click on it. Note: Photoshop doesn’t save Snapshots with file. To make more then one version available and save it with file use Layer Comps.

To change font size and position while typing text, press Ctrl on keyboard bounding box around type will appear and cursor will temporary change to Move Tool. To resize text navigate mouse to corner of bounding box or click and holding down mouse button reposition text on screen. When you release Ctrl key you will be backed to type tool.

To change color of text to color from photo, click on Select text color field on Options Bar and choose color from photo. You can do that while typing or after that but layer with text must be selected and Type Tool active.

Have you noticed warp tool which is available on Options Bar when Type Tool is active? This tool allows you to warp text in several different ways and also to adjust settings.

You can crop the image with Marquee tools. Choose Marquee and draw your selection or use Fixed Size option (Style drop-down list) from Options Bar to draw exact size rectangle, then go to Image > Crop to crop selected portion of the image.

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Products used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5


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