Things you may not know in Photoshop (2)

You can move around any part of typed text. Place insertation point before word or letter you want to move, hold down Alt key and move it with arrows on keyboard for 1 pixel at time. To move 10 pixels at time press and hold down and Shift key.

You can move drop shadow effect manually while Layer Style dialog is open. First open Layer Style dialog from fx icon on bottom of LAYERS palette, then apply Drop Shadow by clicking on its name. It is important to click on Drop Shadow letters not only to check field to be able to adjust setting like Opacity, Noise. To move around shadow manually click anywhere on image and holding down left mouse button move effect.

To change Canvas size with Crop Tool, first activate it from Toolbox. Click on upper right corner of image and draw rectangle to cover entire image. When bounding box appear, navigate mouse button to corner of drowned rectangle. Click and holding down mouse button drag to enlarge bounding box. To constrain proportions hold down Shift key while dragging. To constrain proportions based on image width and height press and hold down and Alt key along with Shift. When you finish press Enter to confirm changes. Additional canvas size will be filled with Foreground color. In this way you can add borders to the image.

To move through open documents to next document from keyboard press Ctrl + Tab. To go to previous document press Ctrl + Shift + Tab.

To show content from only one layer on screen, hold down Alt key while clicking on eyeball in front of that layer at LAYERS palette. To see again entire composition repeat same step (hold down Alt key and click on eyeball of visible layer).

To select multiple layers which are not one above another on layers stack click on first layer then hold down Ctrl and click on second, third.. layer. With selected layers you can do whatever you want: move it around for example.

To place point on Curve at Curves palette and change exact part of image you want first open Curves palette. Select Eyedropper Tool and holding down Ctrl key click on part of image you want to manipulate. This will insert point on Curve which you can click and drag to change Curve. To remove point on Curve click on it and drag outside of Curves histogram.

To rotate the image at exact angle first select Ruler Tool. Click and drag on the image to draw line. Then go to Image > Image Rotation > Arbitrary… In Rotate Canvas dialog type number for angle in text box then choose from CW or CCW orientation. Press OK to rotate the image. Extra canvas size will pick Background color. To have custom Background – for example to fill it with gradient or pattern first create blank empty layer before rotation below the image (convert Background layer to normal then hold down Ctrl and click on Create a new layer icon on LAYERS palette). After rotation fill empty layer below image.


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Products used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5


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