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It is possible to send emails directly from Bridge but you must first install script from here (works with CS4 and CS5). This script works with Outlook on Windows computers. There is another script which is suitable for Mac users. Advantage of sending directly from Bridge is because you can easily search and find images by any criteria in Bridge (Find command or by keyword even you can search and find any type of files like .doc, pdf) then send them by email regardless where they are stored on your computer.

So after downloading script unzip it and open Bridge. Go to Edit > Preferences > Startup Scripts and press Reveal My Startup Scripts. It will open folder where you need to paste downloaded script, right click and paste it. Close dialog and restart Bridge.

Find files you want to send by email for example by keyword: right click on keyword and choose Find.

Bridge will display all files with that keyword regardless where they are stored on computer. Select files to be sent and right click then choose Mail Selected Items.

In BridgeMail dialog click on Edit Address Book and type in Notepad emails to be stored or single address then click on File and press Save. You can choose recipient from drop-down list on right side of Edit Address Book. Type message header and your message in text box on bottom and press Send Mail button.

Confirm on Allow button when Outlook display warning, you will need to confirm twice. That’s it, files are attached to Outlook message and will be sent.

Thanks to developer Paul Riggott who have updated this script you can download and new version of script which allows you to access Outlook contacts. Click on Update AddressBook and all your contacts from Outlook will be available from drop-down list on right side of Edit Address Book.

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Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Bridge 4


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