Get Adobe Lightroom 3.4 for FREE! (Win and Mac) — Tech the Plunge

Get Adobe Lightroom 3.4 for FREE! (Win and Mac) — Tech the Plunge: "Although these are great ways to manage your photos, Adobe has long been the leader in photo management software. Adobe software is fantastic but it has one big drawback for educators–It is expensive!!!

Adobe is in the process of updating their fantastic Adobe Lightroom software. It retails for $299! Teachers and students can get it for $79.99 at Amazon. This price makes Lightroom out of the reach from many schools and teachers.

Adobe has posted the release candidate of Lightroom 3.4. A release candidate is software that is not quite finished but very, very close. In other words, Adobe thinks it is ready but may make a few more changes before the final version is done. That means you can download the release candidate and have this great piece of software for free! True, it isn’t the final version but it’s so close and the price is definitely right!

To get the release candidate for both Windows and Mac go to the Adobe Labs site here.


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