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This is very handy for people who forget to add keywords to files during import, want to add additional keywords or description or when making brand new documents. In my case I forget often to add keywords to files after making snapshots for blogs or books I am writing because in the past I was practice to do that in Bridge, but.. sometimes i forget to do that or get some idea for something else and when come time to use that snapshots I am in trouble because files don’t have descriptions and keywords. Yes I am making folders for specific tutorials but often use same screenshots for both blogs and for book, in that case I save file in PSD format in folder for InDesign divided in chapters. So you can understand what kind of trouble I have. To avoid this problem I start adding keywords from Photoshop before processing snapshot. To add description in advance before saving file and avoid searching all computer for it, go to File > file Info (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+I).. in new dialog that opens go to Description tab and add keywords in Keywords text field, or rating, or Description.. If you don’t see Description tab, click on arrow in upper right corner and choose Description from drop-down list. The rset is easie, you can find just anything on your computer using Bridge.

Open File Info dialog in Photoshop from File > File Info
Open File Info dialog in Photoshop from File > File Info
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Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5


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