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Hue/Saturation tips

Hue/saturation is one of most important dialogs in Photoshop. In this dialog you can work with 3 qualities of color: Hue, Saturation and Lightness.

There are some presets and shortcuts that can make your life easier when working with colors in Photoshop. First thing to try is preset list at top of dialog or panel. From this dialog you can always reset adjustments to default (starting point, when you opened this dialog).

You can choose from individual colors to work.

Or ask Photoshop to determine which is color you want to change. Click on scrubby – slider icon to activate on-screen adjustment, then click on picture and drag on right side to increase Saturation or on left to decrease. Photoshop will automatically determine which color you want to change so you don’t have to guess. Press Alt while dragging on-screen to move slider in small increments.

When something is wrong or you are not satisfied, navigate mouse above name of color quality (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) till you see …

Compare images in Bridge

You can compare two or more images in Bridge before you proceed to work with them in Photoshop or for any other reason. First thing to do is to exchange Preview and Content panels positions by clicking ad dragging.

Next thing is to  enlarge preview area. Navigate mouse to edge of left side panel till cursor turns into double-sided arrow and double-click on two short little lines in middle  to hide that panel.

To enlarge Content panel and have more images displayed, navigate mouse button to edge of Metadata panel till cursor turns into double-sided arrow, then click and drag.

Then click on first image you want to compare, hold down keyboard shortcut Ctrl key and click on second image. Now you have two images, side by side or one below another.

You can keep adding or excluding images from comparison holding down Ctrl and clicking on the image.

To enlarge preview area, navigate mouse to edge of right side panel till cursor turns into double-sided arrow and double click on two little l…

Add keywords, rating or description from Photoshop

This is very handy for people who forget to add keywords to files during import, want to add additional keywords or description or when making brand new documents. In my case I forget often to add keywords to files after making snapshots for blogs or books I am writing because in the past I was practice to do that in Bridge, but.. sometimes i forget to do that or get some idea for something else and when come time to use that snapshots I am in trouble because files don’t have descriptions and keywords. Yes I am making folders for specific tutorials but often use same screenshots for both blogs and for book, in that case I save file in PSD format in folder for InDesign divided in chapters. So you can understand what kind of trouble I have. To avoid this problem I start adding keywords from Photoshop before processing snapshot. To add description in advance before saving file and avoid searching all computer for it, go to File > file Info (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+I).. in new dialog that open…

Get Adobe Lightroom 3.4 for FREE! (Win and Mac) — Tech the Plunge

Get Adobe Lightroom 3.4 for FREE! (Win and Mac) — Tech the Plunge: "Although these are great ways to manage your photos, Adobe has long been the leader in photo management software. Adobe software is fantastic but it has one big drawback for educators–It is expensive!!!

Adobe is in the process of updating their fantastic Adobe Lightroom software. It retails for $299! Teachers and students can get it for $79.99 at Amazon. This price makes Lightroom out of the reach from many schools and teachers.

Adobe has posted the release candidate of Lightroom 3.4. A release candidate is software that is not quite finished but very, very close. In other words, Adobe thinks it is ready but may make a few more changes before the final version is done. That means you can download the release candidate and have this great piece of software for free! True, it isn’t the final version but it’s so close and the price is definitely right!

To get the release candidate for both Windows and Mac go to the…

Win a New Adobe CS5 Suite, Free!

Content is copied and pasted from

Last year was a good one for ProDesignTools and also for our readers. Over the course of the past twelve months, we’ve given away brand new copies of Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Acrobat X Pro, three copies each of Lightroom 3 and Photoshop Elements 9, and ten of the best CS5 books…

But now comes our biggest drawing yet: a shrinkwrapped new box of the CS5 Production Premium suite (the full commercial version), courtesy of Adobe – a new spring sweepstakes to thank our visitors.
CS5 Production Premium sells for $1,699 / €2,099 / £1,509 and includes Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, Flash Pro, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, among others… (see the complete list of applications it contains)
This giveaway is open to residents of North America, Europe, U.K., Australia and New Zealand – and all you need to do for a chance to win is the following three steps:

Follow us on Twitter and/or Lik…

Email pictures directly from Lightroom

Here is great tutorial about how to mail pictures directly from Lightroom (for Mac users), for Windows users here is great plug-in for this purpose but some people are confused and can not figure out how to use it. I found this plug-in very simple to install and use. Here is video how to install and use MapiMailer wonderful plug-in.I assume that you have downloaded zip file from here. To understand whats going on: my zipped file is in E:\Downloads\mapi mailer for lightroom folder (I have created new: mapi mailer for lightroom), when you unzip zipped file it will create another folder mapimailer.lrplugin to which you must navigate from Lightroom- Export > Plug - in Manager > Lightroom Plug-in Manager window will open > press Add button then navigate to mapimailer.lrplugin.

Send by Email from Bridge

It is possible to send emails directly from Bridge but you must first install script from here (works with CS4 and CS5). This script works with Outlook on Windows computers. There is another script which is suitable for Mac users. Advantage of sending directly from Bridge is because you can easily search and find images by any criteria in Bridge (Find command or by keyword even you can search and find any type of files like .doc, pdf) then send them by email regardless where they are stored on your computer.

So after downloading script unzip it and open Bridge. Go to Edit > Preferences > Startup Scripts and press Reveal My Startup Scripts. It will open folder where you need to paste downloaded script, right click and paste it. Close dialog and restart Bridge.

Find files you want to send by ema…