Fastest and easiest way to find files using Bridge

Adobe Bridge offers best file organizing and finding options. Here I will give you example for quickest and easiest way to find exactly what you need by assigning keywords.
To assign keyword, first navigate to folder with images in Bridge then select them all (Ctrl + A is keyboard shortcut) or some of them by holding down Ctrl while clicking on image. Next step is to click in empty square before keyword to appear checkmark.

If you want to assign new keyword then right-click anywhere and choose New Keyword, to add keyword under already existing keyword right click on keyword and choose New Sub Keyword. You can also add keyword, rating, description from Photoshop.

Next time when you need images with keyword assigned, right click on that keyword and choose Find.

In Find dialog choose from Look in: drop down list where on your computer you want to search for images with keyword which will be highlighted in Criteria section. Choose match options from drop – down list with the same name and check Include All Subfolders. Click Find button to begin search.

In seconds Bridge will find and display all images with that specific keyword. In my case there are two keywords which contains word Find (Find and Find center). To limit search only to Find keyword I will use Filter panel. Click on keyword will limit preview results to only that keyword.

For files which cannot contain XMP metadata (like MS Word files) use collections to group and find them quick and easie. Navigate to files you want to include in collection, highlight all files to be included. Click, on New Collection and confirm on YES button (files do not change their location on disc).

Type name for new collection and confirm with Enter key. To add file to existing collection, click on it and drag over collection name to appear two lines below and above, then drop it (release mouse).

That’s it, next time you click on name of collection Bridge will display all files from that collection.

To open file right click and choose Open With > click on default application or other application which can open that kind of file.

Bridge Help
Creative Suite / Use collections in Adobe Bridge

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Bridge 4


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