Crop the image with Canvas Size

To use this technique you must convert Background layer to regular or Smart Object,  best of all you will not crop the rest of image. This works something like Hide feature with Crop Tool. When you confirm in Canvas Size dialog Photoshop will display warning that new Canvas Size is smaller and some clipping will occur. So rest of image will be clipped not deleted and you can move image around and manage which part of image is shown and which is clipped. To reveal all clippings go to Image > Reveal All and you will have original image again as it was on your screen.

This is my tip and tutorial:
I want to crop pixels from above and one part of right side of image in this case. First thing to do is to display Canvas Size dialog from Image menu. Then uncheck Relative check box because with this option checked you will add to canvas size. In Width and Height fields will be displayed actual pixels in image.

Next thing to do is to tell Photoshop which part of canvas you want to change. Because I want to crop right side I need to click on left arrow in Anchor section to remain only arrows pointing to right side of canvas.

To change canvas size in above area I clicked on arrow below to hide it and to remain only arrow pointing to the top.

Next is to type values in Width and Height fields followed with Return key or by pressing OK button. Note that arrows now pointing in opposite sides.

Photoshop warns that new canvas size is smaller and some clipping will occur. Thank you but I want that, Proceed button

and here is result:

Photoshop Help / Adjusting crop, rotation, and canvas

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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