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Crop the image with Canvas Size

To use this technique you must convert Background layer to regular or Smart Object,  best of all you will not crop the rest of image. This works something like Hide feature with Crop Tool. When you confirm in Canvas Size dialog Photoshop will display warning that new Canvas Size is smaller and some clipping will occur. So rest of image will be clipped not deleted and you can move image around and manage which part of image is shown and which is clipped. To reveal all clippings go to Image > Reveal All and you will have original image again as it was on your screen.

This is my tip and tutorial:
I want to crop pixels from above and one part of right side of image in this case. First thing to do is to display Canvas Size dialog from Image menu. Then uncheck Relative check box because with this option checked you will add to canvas size. In Width and Height fields will be displayed actual pixels in image.

Next thing to do is to tell Photoshop which part of canvas you want to change. …

Save PSD file as Template

You can save PSD file as Template and use it over and over again. For example if you are making layouts with same style, background or dimensions or just any purpose. The trick is to make PSD file Read Only in explorer Properties window on Windows computers (you can do the same thing and on Mac computer). Picture is worth 1000 words and in this case video is worth 10 pictures, so watch this short video which explains everything.

Photoshop / Saving images

Product used in this tutorial:Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

Crop actual pixels in Photoshop using Marquee Tool

You can crop actual pixels from an image in Photoshop without setting guide lines and still have Hide option which is very popular for Crop Tool. Here is how: first convert Background or any othet layer to Smart Object, select Rectangular Marquee Tool from Toolbox. Click on right side of Style in Options Bar and choose Fixed Size. Type numbers for Width and Height in pixels (type px after number).

Click on image and Photoshop will draw marquee rectangle based on sizes you have typed in Width and Height fields. Place cursor inside rectangle and position it to cover part of the image you want to crop. Go to Image menu and choose Crop.

You can always change what is cropped: right click with Marquee tool selected inside selection and choose Transform Selection. When Photoshop display frame around image (that’s original pixels) click on image and move it to reveal another part of image on screen (Hide option in Crop Tool). If you want to go back to original image go to Image menu and choo…

Fastest and easiest way to find files using Bridge

Adobe Bridge offers best file organizing and finding options. Here I will give you example for quickest and easiest way to find exactly what you need by assigning keywords.
To assign keyword, first navigate to folder with images in Bridge then select them all (Ctrl + A is keyboard shortcut) or some of them by holding down Ctrl while clicking on image. Next step is to click in empty square before keyword to appear checkmark.

If you want to assign new keyword then right-click anywhere and choose New Keyword, to add keyword under already existing keyword right click on keyword and choose New Sub Keyword. You can also add keyword, rating, description from Photoshop.

Next time when you need images with keyword assigned, right click on that keyword and choose Find.

In Find dialog choose from Look in: drop down list where on your computer you want to search for images with keyword which will be highlighted in Criteria section. Choose match options from drop – down list with the same name a…

Make a hole in shape

Beside Custom Shapes you get with Photoshop installation and tons of shapes you can find and download from Internet, you can make your own custom shape from existing. One way is to use regular Shapes and mix them by adding or subtracting one from another. In other words you can make hole in one shape by subtracting another. I will give you one example:

In this example I will use circle and star to make star hole inside circle. For this subtraction best way to go is to set guides which will help you to draw both shapes from same center what you need to make life easier and job quickly done.

First thing to do is to select Ellipse Tool and click on right side of icon for Custom Shape Tool on Options Bar to see pop-up window with additional options (Geometry options). Choose Fixed size and type for example 800 px in Width and Height fields. Check and From Center check box to draw circle from center where you going to click. Also do not forget to check that Shape layers options is active…

Photoshop Killer Tips - 500 free video tips for Photoshop by Matt Kloskowski

There is place on Internet where you can watch or download 500 tips for Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom for free. Not only to watch but and to download in mp4 format. This is best collection of tips I know on Internet. Here is address and I recommend you to subscribe and get almost every day new tips from best of best when tips in question.

Use Bridge instead of explorer on Windows computers

Did you realize that Adobe Bridge is more powerful program for managing files and folders then explorer on Windows computers?

Yes it is. In Bridge is possible to do everything you usually do in explorer and something more. You can watch videos inside Bridge, create new folders, move folders and files, copy files and folders, find just anything you have on your computer and more..

Let me give you one practical example: I have downloaded some .wav sounds from Internet. Sounds are in Downloads folder on my computer. With Folders panel in Bridge expanded I found Downloads folder and .wav sounds. First thing to do is to preview sounds and determine which is which and what is worth to keep. To preview (listen) .wav sound (and many other), only thing to do in Bridge is to click on it and to listen.

I found sound to keep for later use and Downloads folder is not best place to keep it inside. Now is on you what you want to do: to copy file or folder to another location, right click on it and…

Reveal All - one of my favorite commands in Photoshop

This is one of my favorite commands in Photoshop and I recommend it to everyone. What actually does this command? Displays the contents of the layer which can not be seen or exceed the document.
Here I have converted type layer with some text to Smart Object  and start experimenting with filters.

Then I change my mind about the text. First thing to do is to double click on Smart Object to edit it. To add more text, canvas must be resized. Instead of resizing canvas every time when additional text is added, I will use Reveal All command. First I have added additional text.
 Next is Reveal All from Image menu. Canvas have expanded to receive additional text.
The rest you probably know, click on x and commit changes on YES button. Here is my work with changes. With Reveal All command I can experiment indefinitely, and for reducing canvas when deleting some text I will use Trim command from Image menu.

Photoshop Help / Adjusting crop, rotation, and canvas

Product used in this t…

OnOne Plug-Ins – great and free

There are three things that make Photoshop simply best image editor:

Its capabilities.

Many, many tutorials (written, video), learning centers…


Company OnOne Software offers probably best plug-ins for Photoshop and best of all is that you can download and install absolutely free for most of users everything 'they will ever need. Just go to OnOne Software site , register free account and download Photo Frame, Photo Tools, Camera RAW and Photoshop Lightroom Presets.

Photo Frame offers great amount of ready to use customizable frames and edges. With this plug-in you can add amazing borders around your photos. Every frame is customizable and you can produce easy even broken hard effect or any shape with color borders and wavy, torn, saw edges. Works with CS3, CS4, CS5 and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Lightroom Presets have any possible effect ready to apply, I think there are more then 150 presets.

ACR Presets also offers more then 50 great time saver presets. There are also 3…

Zoom Tool tricks

Zooming in and out is common operation and Photoshop offers handy shortcuts to temporary switch to Zoom and Hand Tool. Hold down Space and you will switch temporary to Hand Tool, hold Space and Ctrl keyboard shortcut to zoom in or Space and Alt to zoom out.

Photoshop / Viewing images

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

Another way to find the exact center of image in Photoshop

Post has the title another way, in case you do not know the previous one, here's how to find the exact center of the image: first show ruler on screen using Ctrl +R keyboard shortcut and turn on Snap and Snap To > All from View menu, if you are on Background layer then press Ctrl + A to select all and press Ctrl + T to enter free transform mode. Click inside ruler and drag guide to center of image, because snap function is turned on, guide will snap to middle anchor point at bounding box. Do the same and for both horizontal and vertical guides, then press Enter to exit free transform.

There is another way to do the exact same thing but you must first change measurement unit: right click on ruler and choose Percent,

then drag guides to 50 on vertical and horizontal ruler and skip free transform.

Photoshop Help / Rulers, the grid, and guides

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended