Tricks to select layers with Move Tool

To select layer navigate with Move Tool over it, right click and choose his name from context menu. Every time U use context menu, Background layer will be listed if you have it and Select Similar Layers option which can be quite useful some times. To select multiple layers with Move Tool active, hold down Ctrl/Command key, click and drag over layers you want to select. To add or subtract layer from selection hold down and Shift key along with Ctrl/Command. You can also add multiple layers to selection by dragging over while holding Ctrl + Shift down. Note: Uncheck Auto Select option for Move tool in Options bar and you must have Background layer in your composition in order to use Move tool to select layers using Photoshop keyboard shortcuts and Move tool as presented in video below.

Photoshop / Selecting, grouping, and linking layers

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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