Show Items from Subfolders in Adobe Bridge

Usual way for storing images at computer is by creating folders and sub-folders. Content of subfolders is always related to his folder. Subfolder usually contains related or different sizes of images or images for different purposes like print, web, email.

Sometimes you want to see all images/files without jumping between subfolders and there is a way to do that in Adobe Bridge. To access this feature go to View in menu and choose Show Items from Subfolders or choose same option from the Path bar. If you have sub-folders in your folder, on path bar will be displayed arrow on the right side of folder's name. Click on arrow and choose Show Items from sub-folders to see all images from that folder, main folder or even hard drive or computer.

When you want to return to normal view, press Cancel Show Items from Subfolders at path bar or by clicking on Show Items from Subfolders in View menu to uncheck this option.

Creative Suite / View and manage files in Adobe Bridge

A product used in this tutorial: Adobe Bridge 4


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