Find just anything on your computer using Bridge

Do you use Adobe Bridge to search and find files on your computer? If you don’t then start using it. With Adobe Bridge you can find anything on computer: folder, file, and anything else that have name, keyword, description, height, width, size... Here is how it works:
Start Bridge and press Ctrl + F to open Find dialog. First choose from Look in: drop down list where you want to perform search. If desired drive or folder is not listed then click Browse and navigate to drive or folder.
In Criteria section first choose from first drop-down list criteria for search. There is plenty options to make your life easier: you can search by file name, keyword, document type, height, width and so on.
criteriaFrom middle drop-down list choose one option like contains, is equal, to speed up your search. Then type keyword, search term or choose from pre-defined criteria in third text field.find_document_type If file type you trying to find is not listed then simply choose for criteria Filename, contains, equal or ends with and type name or extension in third text box. In Results section choose from If any criteria are met or If all criteria are met to find exact what you have typed. To expand criteria and improve search results, click on + (plus) sign on right side to add one more row for criteria. To ensure best possible result, check Include Non-indexed Files.

Bridge Help

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Bridge 4


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