Precise position and resize multiple objects in Photoshop

Continued from Place multiple files from Mini Bridge in Photoshop document 
So, I have moved my object and align them, but in my opinion icons are too big. I selected all three icons (Shift click with Move tool and Auto – Select (Layer) option turned on) but you can group them if you want. Enter Free Transform mode and type percentage in Width or Height field and be sure that fields are linked to constrain proportions. Photoshop will measure every object separately and change its size by percentage you have typed. You can right click (Opt-click) inside Width or Height field and choose different measurement option, then change size. Photoshop will display Width and Height of rectangle that surrounds objects, and will change sizes depend on numbers you have typed.

Now is turn to position objects 5 pixels above menu which appear to be on 300 pixels from top of page, and at middle of search bar which appear to be at 1185 pixels. To do that, I change reference point to bottom middle and numbers in X to 1185 and Y to 295 (300 – 5). This numbers placed bottom middle of group at 1185 pixels from left side of page and 295 pixels from top of page.

You can keep experiment by changing reference points and X and Y axis values, to see what is best for your layout. Here I changed reference point to bottom right and X axis to 1640 to see how it looks like on 10 pixels from right side of the page (page is 1650 pixels wide).

Photoshop Help / Transforming objects

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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