Opacity tips

Change Opacity from your keyboard
Layer Opacity is one of three Layer Styles you can apply. You can find Opacity at LAYERS palette and in many dialogs in Photoshop. Instead of draging slider every time you want to change opacity, type number from 1 to 9 with Move Tool (Must be selected to change Layers opacity) selected and change Layer opacity. Number 0 (zero) is 100% opacity, number 2 means 20% opacity, 3 means 30% and so on. If you want two number increments opacity just type two numbers very quickly.
When Brush Tool is active, you can also use keyboard numbers to change opacity of Brush strokes. Just type number at keyboard.

And not only with Brush Tool, keyboard numbers can be used to change opacity whenever appears on Options Bar (Pencil Tool, Gradient, Clone Stamp Tool..). Also can be used to change Blur, Sharpen, Smudge Strenght and Dodge and Burn Exposure.

Improvement in Photoshop CS6
In Adobe Photoshop CS6 it is possible to hide layer by typing 00 on keyboard when Move tool is active, that means 0 percent of layer is visible.

Photoshop / Default keyboard shortcuts

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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