Marquee Tool tips

To activate Marquee Tool press letter M on keyboard, to switch between Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee, press Shift + M keyboard shortcut. With Rectangular Marquee selected click and drag and you will draw rectangular selection.

To draw perfect square, press Shift on your keyboard.

If you press and hold Alt key after you start drawing selection it will draw shape from center where you clicked to start drawing.

To draw perfect rectangle (or circle) from center where you clicked, press and hold down Alt + Shift keys after you start drawing. When you finish, release first mouse then modifiers keys (Shift and Alt).

To reposition selection, place your cursor inside selection, click and drag to a new position.

To deselect and start new selection, click anywhere outside selection.

To add to existing selection press Shift before you start drawing selection, click and drag. If you want to add perfect rectangle or square to selection, release Shift then press it again (while holding Alt if you want to start selection from center where you clicked).

To subtract from selection, press Alt before you start drawing.

For intersection of two selections, hold down Shift + Alt keys before start drawing.

To transform selection, right click and choose Transform Selection.

Right click one more time and choose from transform options to access Distort, Perspective, Warp transforming options.

Photoshop Help / Making selections

A product used in This tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5


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