Eyedropper tip

Tip for Eyedropper is to change Sample Point to 3 by 3 Average and there is good reason to do that, but I didn't saw many sites and blogs to explain that reason. And here is why to change sample point to 3 by 3 Average or even more if you work with high res files.

When you want to sample color for example from actual picture color, the way to do that is to choose Eyedropper tool and to click at that color on image.

But look whats will happen if Point Sample is set for this tool. When you enlarge image to pixel based level, you can see many color variations at point you are trying to sample. Which color variations will be sampled cannot be seen in normal zoom level.

So good idea and reason for 3 by 3 Average is to sample average of color variations. Also when you doing color corrections or try to remove color cast from Adjustments palette, you will use Eyedropper settings and is always better to correct color based on 3 by 3 Average then on single pixel variation.

Photoshop / Choosing colors

A product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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