Cycling through and moving layers in layers stack from keyboard

There are handy keyboard shortcuts to work with layers without touching mouse. I will start with cycling through layers, you can do that with Alat + ] (activate or select one layer up) and Alt + [ (activate layer down), but what if you want to activate (select) multiple layers? Then hold down and Shift key along with Alt while pressing bracket key [ or ]. If you want to deselect layers, there is command in Select menu Deselect Layers and you must assign shortcut to it.
With layer selected (left side) press Shift + Alt + ] to add to selection pros up (right side) or Shift + Alt + [ pros down

Press Alt + Ctrl + A to select all layers except Background (you must have Background layer), then press Alt + [ to deselect layers and select only Background layer. Keep cycling with Alt and bracket keys.

Select all lyers (left), when all layers are selected press Alt + [ to deselect them and select background layer (right side)
Select all lyers (left), when all layers are selected press Alt + [ to deselect them and select background layer (right side)
When you want to move layer up in layers stack, press Ctrl + ], to move it down press Ctrl + [.

Move layer one field up
Move layer one field up

To move layer to top of layer stack, press Ctrl + Shift + ], to move it at bottom Ctrl + Shift + [ - note that Background layer is not counting as layer in this case and will remain as bottom most layer.

Move layer to top of layers stack
Move layer to top of layers stack

To select top most layer press Alt + ( . ) period, to select bottom most layer press Alt + ( , ) comma - in this case Background layer will be selected.
In Photoshop CS6 Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) + Shift + “,“ or “.” targets all layers that fall between the currently targeted layer to the top or bottom of the layer stack - from Julieanne Kost blog.
Select top most Alt + period (left side) and bottom most layer Alt + comma (right side)

Note: you can use same shortcuts from this tutorial and for Layer groups.
Move group of layers one field up

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Photoshop / Default keyboard shortcuts
Photoshop / Layer basics

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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