Unlimited Layouts PSD Templates

Unlimited Layouts PSD Templates

Today I am very excited to present you my new product: Unlimited Layouts PSD Templates available as usually from Web on Graphic River. This is great moment for me and I believe for many Photoshop users.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

This set of templates will open the eyes to many of you who are not using amazingly powerful and flexible Variables and Data Sets. This amazing feature allows you to place hundreds of images or files from once resized on the fly to fit in your layout exactly as you want without to worry about size, color mode, bit depth... This powerful feature allows you to create multipage documents like product catalogs, photobooks, contact sheets, photo templates in a minutes.
Steps to create product catalog using Unlimited Layouts PSD Templates

About Unlimited Layouts PSD Templates
PSD templates are extremely flexible and easy to use. You can resize (resample) provided layout to just any size and aspect ratio. All PSD templates have variables attached to file so you do not need to deal with Variables and to learn how to create them. The real power with Variables is that you can generate unlimited number of files with the same layout and design but different JPG images placed in defined placeholders (up to 225 per file) in a minutes. JPG images are not limitation, you can use any supported file format. To use PSD templates you will need first to select and batch rename files you want to use in Adobe Bridge, it will take only a minute. All you have to do is to choose layout, resize it then to load Data Sets text file which is also provided along with PSD files. After loading txt file you can export (with files provided in this package what is not limitation) 20 PSD files in chosen layout with up to 4500 images.
Use Unlimited Layouts PSD Templates without customization

Lets say you have 4500 images on your hard drive and you want to arrange them in 15x15 grid layout which will require 20 different files. First step is to batch rename all files using Adobe Bridge. It is matter just to select files then to evoke Batch Rename command. After renaming files open 15x15 template PSD file and resize it to just any size. You can also change resolution and color mode by the way. Since PSD files have defined variables you will need just to load Data Sets text files which you will copy and paste in folder with images. After previewing layouts with images and how all final files will be exported, you can add stroke between images in any desired width. Last step is to export 20 PSD files using File > Export > Data Sets as Files command. Done! You have 20 PSD files with 4500 different images arranged in 15x15 grids. It will literally take 5-15 minutes. Number of images I have described is not limitation, you can extend Data Sets on your own and to process more images from once. Best of all you do not have to worry about images sizes, resolutions—if you do not want to, because everything will be adjusted on the fly to fill available space for image. Last thing I want to mention for this short description is that you have 31 different template as choice with 2x1 to 15x15 grid layouts (2x1, 2x2,2x3, 2x4, 3x3...15x15). That's not all, actually that can be all you need or only beginning suitable for introduction. You can customize every layout. If you need 15x6 layout for example which is not provided as template, just delete placeholders you do not need then load proper text file with Data Sets. By the way placeholders I am referring are actually grouped pixel layers clipped to vector shapes. You got it? It is easy to change size, orientation and to distribute them as you want. Exactly what you need to create product catalogs, photo books, photo templates, contact sheets... For more details please see embedded file below which is user guide and ships with product.

Try and buy links
Price for Unlimited Layouts PSD Templates is $7. You can buy templates from Graphic River. By the way Photoshop CC/CS6 are not limitation, you can use templates with previous versions. To try templates and ensure in quality of files and power of Variables and Data Sets in Adobe Photoshop please follow this link.
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