Featured Artist: Andrew Kavanagh

Photo manipulations by Andrew Kavanagh
Today I want to introduce you Andrew Kavanagh and his fantastic photo manipulations. In these times every monkey with Photoshop installed can extract part of an image from background and put it on top of whatever comes in his mind. Many of them are featured in Photoshop Disasters and similar sites. Andrew is an artist.

Andrew lives in Los Angeles, California. He is retoucher and Photoshop artist and tutor. Andrew is specialized in photo restoration, retouching, color and tonal corrections and photo compositing. Co-organizer of Photoshop Users group and Photoshop Ambassador for Adobe. He is available as Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom tutor for the Los Angeles, CA area.

Here are some of Andrew's fantastic manipulations, for more visit his blog  Andrew Kavanagh: Photo Illustration – Photo Montages.

The Redundancy Continuum
The Redundancy Continuum

Fractal Bath
Fractal Bath

The Chalice of Reason
The Chalice of Reason

An Injured Spirit Flowing Through
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