Where is Front Image in Adobe Photoshop CS6?

Front Image in Photoshop CS6

In previous versions of Adobe Photoshop we were able to crop an image using size and resolution of another open image through Front Image button in Options bar. But new CS6 version of Photoshop does not have such button. Is this feature removed? No, its not removed but enhanced and somehow hidden.
Enhancement is that we can now select any open image in Photoshop to use its size and resolution as crop parameters for image on current tab. Somehow hidden is because this feature now have its own window which opens through Size and Resolution command which is located at bottom of drop down list when you click on Unconstrained (Aspect Ratio) in Options bar next to Crop Tool icon.

What is enhancement
Enhancement I am talking about is because there is no need as in previous versions to go back and forth two images to pick size and resolution from one image then to crop another. This was complicated operation especially with bunch of open images which can not fit all in displayed tabs so some tabs must be hidden.

First set default Interpolation Method
As you may already know Photoshop Crop Tool is using default interpolation method specified in Preferences > General > Image Interpolation (Ctrl + K is keyboard shortcut) when resampling images. Good news is that new CS6 version ships with Bicubic Automatic option which will automatically detect which interpolation method is required. When working with continuous tone images set this method for default to use it with Crop Tool. By the way chosen default Interpolation Method is default for Free Transform mode - also new in Photoshop CS6 and in Image Size dialog when Resample Image is turned on.
Set default image interpolation in Preferences dialog
Set default image interpolation in Preferences dialog

How to access and use Front Image
When you have two or more open images select tab with image you want to crop. Crop Tool must be active so first select it (letter C is keyboard shortcut) then click on Aspect Ratio to open drop-down list. Click on Size and Resolution to open Crop Image Size and Resolution dialog.
Click on Aspect ratio and choose Size and Resolution
Click on Aspect ratio and choose Size and Resolution

Next step is to click triangle on the right side of Source title at top of dialog and choose name of any open image. Photoshop will automatically populate all fields. Off course you can manually change any number if you want or to repeat operation if wrong image was chosen. Before to click OK button to confirm and accept new size and resolution you can also save new tool preset by checking Save as Crop Preset.
Choose from which image to pick up parameters from Source drop-down list
Choose from which image to pick up parameters from Source drop-down list

When you accept new size and resolution you will be returned to crop mode where you can move marquee (or image depend on your preference, letter P is keyboard shortcut to switch to classic old way to move marquee) around to change area to crop or even to change mind and retype numbers in Width and Height fields in Options bar.
Change Crop Size from options bar
Change Crop Size (or Aspect ratio) from options bar

Reset custom crop size, rotation and aspect ratio
When using this method as mentioned fields Width and Height in Options will be populated with number of pixels in this case and will remain as default custom crop size until you change them or reset them to none. To reset to default none custom aspect ratio to avoid any potential mistake click Reset the crop box, image rotation and aspect ratio settings icon on the right side of options bar.
Reset Aspect Ratio settings to defaults (none or custom)
Reset Aspect Ratio settings to defaults (none or custom)
Video Step by Step tutorial
For those who prefer video tutorials here is tutorial posted on YouTube.

Quick Tip – Cropping Two Images to the Same Size in Photoshop CS6

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS6
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