Excellent and Free Filter Forge Filters for Adobe Photoshop

You already know for Filter Forge - the best Photoshop plugin, but do you know that guys from Filter Forge offers absolutely free and absolutely amazing 6 sets of filters? Yes, they do and to support my statement just to mention that most popular freebie on my blog is Free PSD Frames which are created with free Filter Forge filters! You can download frames and use them free for personal and commercial projects at any time but you can also have them in Photoshop where is possible to tweak and change them so you can have unique frames in seconds! Installation of free filters is easy and does not require installation of Filter Forge plugin. Every installation package contains several filters from that category with several customizable presets. Packages currently available:
  1. Filter Forge Freepack 1 – Metals
  2. Filter Forge Freepack 2 – Photo Effects
  3. Filter Forge Freepack 3 – Frames
  4. Filter Forge Freepack 4 – Distortions
  5. Filter Forge Freepack 5 – Hearts
  6. Filter Forge Freepack 6 – Patterns
Filter Forge freepack Photo Effects
Filter Forge freepack Photo Effects

How to install free Filter Forge filters
Just go to Download section on Filter Forge site and download installation packages for Windows or Mac. Run installation package as for any other plugin or software and choose for which version of Photoshop you want to install filters if you are running multiple versions of Photoshop on your computer. With installation you have and standalone version installed so you can run it independently outside of Photoshop. To run standalone version visit Program Files folder / Name of freepack / Bin. On Win XP this is path for standalone version: C:\Program Files\Filter Forge Freepack 2 - Photo Effects\Bin.
Filter Forge freepack installation
Filter Forge freepack installation

How to use Filter Forge filters
After installing free Filter Forge filters run Photoshop, open image and go to Filter > Filter Forge > FreePack 1,2,3… Note: Filter Forge filters does not work in Bitmap, Grayscale, Multichannel and Duotone mode.

Templates, Actions, Patterns, Styles, Frames

How to customize free Filter Forge filters
Filter Forge free filters have its own new window in which you can choose from several filters that comes in each package at the top left corner but also and several presets on Presets tab which are customizable from Settings tab. Click  Choose preset then click Settings tab on the left side of window to expand it and use available options to create your unique pattern, frame, photo effect... You may be interested to check and OnOne Plug-Ins – great and free.
Customize Filter Forge filter
Customize Filter Forge filter

Filters are must have for every designer and Photoshop user. Thanks to guys from Filter Forge we can extend number of filters in Photoshop free of charge and use them in personal and commercial projects. At a minimum what we can do to compensate them for this excellent free filters is to share links and like their page on Facebook.

Photoshop Help / Plug-ins | Photoshop CS5
Photoshop Help / Downloadable Content (Plug-ins) in Photoshop CS6

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Filter Forge plugin

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