Turn Off Smart Objects When Placing and Dragging Raster Images in Photoshop

As you already know when placing raster or bitmap images in Photoshop new Smart Object will be automatically created. That’s default behavior defined in Preferences. This is default behavior and for images dragged into open document from Mini Bridge, Adobe Bridge or desktop.

Although Smart Objects are one of most powerful features in Photoshop they have one down-side: big file size in case document have too many Smart Objects. Just to mention that Smart Objects can be rasterized at any time from Layer > Smart Objects > Rasterize or from menu which appears on right click (Cmd + click) on layer with Smart Object. But that is too much clicks for lazy guy like me if I am going to place 24 raster images in document. Fortunately there is option in Edit > Preferences > General (Ctrl/Cmd + K) which can save time and does not require restart of my lovely application.

To prevent Photoshop to automaticaly create Smart Objects when placing or dragging raster images, open Preferences dialog and uncheck Place or Drag Raster Images as Smart Objects in General tab.
Turn off automatic Smart Object creation when placing or dragging raster images
Turn off automatic Smart Object creation when placing or dragging raster images

Note: turning off this option wont prevent Photoshop to automatically create Smart Object when placing vector formats: Ai, EPS or PDF. 

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Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5

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