Book Review: Understanding Color: An Introduction for Designers

This is an excellent a must read book for designers. Actually this is a book for everyone who uses color as author Linda Holtzschue says in introduction. Book is all about colors as you can gues from title and covers everything from introduction of color study to the business of color.

Understanding Color: An Introduction for Designers.
Author: Linda Holtzschue
Publication Date: January 25, 2011
ISBN-10: 0470381353
ISBN-13: 978-0470381359
Edition: 4
Understanding Color: An Introduction for Designers book by Linda Holtzschue
Understanding Color: An Introduction for Designers book by Linda Holtzschue

Book content
Book is well organized and divided in 11 chapters with chapter highlights at the end of each. Author covers realy everything you must know at minimum about colors: brief history, perception of color, vocabulary, color harmonies, illusion and impression… Content is written in very clear and easy to understand language with enough graphics and images to accompany the text.

There are so many useful informations and tips for everyone who work with colors like:
Images composed of even intervals are more quickly and easily understood than images in which intervals are uneven or random.

Or how to make your text more readable against colored background:
Hue is not a factor in readability. Only value contrast creates an image. When two or more hues are used together, it is the value contrast between them, not the hue contrast, that determines the strength or weakness of the resulting image.

Spatial efects of colors in general:
Hue: Warm hues advance relative to cooler ones. Reds, yellows, and
oranges appear to come forward relative to blues, greens, and violets.
Saturation: Brilliant colors (saturated colors and strong tints) appear to come forward relative to muted colors or grays.
Value: In a simple image of a figure against a ground, the figure will advance no matter whether it is lighter or darker than its background. A dark figure will come forward on a light ground and a light figure will come forward on a dark ground.

An Introduction to Color Study
A Little Light on the Subject
The Human Element
The Vocabulary of Color
The Instability of Colors
Illusion and Impression
Color Theory: A Brief History
Color Harmony
Tools of the Trade
The Medium of Light
The Business of Color

Book is worth to buy and read for anyone who work with colors. My rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars because there isn't enough information's for further reading accompanying the topic but rather books are listed in bibliography section and one must guess from title which book to read.

Link to buy, read customers reviews and ratings or to read first chapter: Understanding Color: An Introduction for Designers.

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