Batch Convert Images Using Image Processor in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop ships with excellent script which can batch convert your images including raw files without to record any action. Note: Image Processor also offers and optional to run action during batch conversion. In this tutorial I wont cover how to run action during conversion for simplicity sake.

Start Photoshop and run Image Processor
You can run Image Processor from Adobe Bridge ( Tools > Photoshop >Image Processor) or from Photoshop even without any image opened. There is also option in Image Processor dialog to process opened files so you can quickly convert and save multiple opened documents if you want. To run Image Processor go to File > Scripts > Image Processor.
Run Image Processor from Adobe Photoshop
Run Image Processor from Adobe Photoshop

Image Processor options
When Image Processor window opens first click in radio button in front of Select Folder. Click Select Folder button and navigate to folder where are located images you want to batch process. If you have subfolders in that particular folder then check and Include All sub-folders.

In section 2 Select location to save processed images you can specify location where to save processed images. There is option to Save in Same Location (files wont be overriden) or to click in radio button in front of Select Folder to activate this option. Next step is to click Select Folder button and to navigate to folder where you want images to be saved. In Choose a Folder dialog which will open after clicking Select Folder button you can also create new folder for processed images if you do not have prepared folder in advance.
Image Processor dialog in Adobe Photoshop
Image Processor dialog

In third section of Image Processor dialog which have title File Type you can specify format for images that will be converted. You can choose from JPEG, PSD and TIFF which are most popular file formats supported by Photoshop. There are and some options for each format: Quality for JPEG images and to convert to sRGB suitable for internet and screen viewing, Maximize Compatibility for PSD and LZW Compression for TIFF. All three offered formats have Resize to Fit option where you can type exact number of pixels to resize images during conversion. Type same numbers in W and H fields because Photoshop will look at image orientation and second size - either Width or Height will be automatically calculated. If you are familiar with Image Size dialog that’s Constrain Proportions turned on.

I will skip Run Action but just to mention that you can add Copyright Info and force to save and color profile by checking Include ICC Profile option. When you are done you can save settings on hard drive using Save button on the right side of screen. Preset will be saved as XML file and you can load it in some of the next conversions using Load button. Now that you have adjusted all settings click Run button at the top right corner and wait couple of seconds or minutes - depend on number of files you are processing then search or navigate in Bridge to specified folder in second section of Image Processor dialog to see result.

You may be also interested in free droplets for simple conversions to PSD, TIFF and JPEG formats I have created and posted earlier on this blog.

Photoshop / Processing a batch of files

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

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