Tool Options in InDesign

Just like in Illustrator we have tool options and in InDesign which are available on double click on tool icon for:

  Selection Tool
  Direct Selection Tool
  Pencil Tool
  Smooth Tool
  Polygon Tool
  Gradient Feather Tool
  Eyedropper Tool
  Measure Tool (opens Info panel)
  Hand Tool (Fit in Window)
  Zoom Tool (100% View)

To open tool options for Selection tools first select object then double click either Selection or Direct Selection tool.
Move and duplicate object in InDesign using Selection Tool
Move and duplicate object in InDesign using Move dialog

To set Tolerances for Pencil and Smooth tools double click their icons in toolbox.

To set number of sides and star inset for Polygon tool do the same: double click its icon in toolbox before drawing polygon.

Double click on Gradient Feather Tool opens Effects dialog.

In Eyedropper Options dialog you can choose which settings to pick (copy) using this tool.
Eyedropper tool options in Adobe InDesign
Eyedropper Options dialog in InDesign 


InDesign / Toolbox

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe InDesign CS5

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