Turn ON/OFF Dynamic Color Sliders in Photoshop

By default Dynamic Color Sliders is turned on in Preferences > General. This option control behavior of sliders when you work with color in COLORS palette. Dragging any of sliders will cause color to change similar as in Color Picker dialog when choosing color from Color Slider which is in the middle of dialog.
Choose color with dynamic color sliders turned on in Photoshop
Dynamic Color Sliders ON

If you prefer to have sliders for base colors  (R,G,B or C,M,Y,K or L,a,b) displayed, so you can mix colors in for my money more natural way turn Dynamic Color Sliders off.
Choose color with dynamic color sliders turned off in Photoshop
Dynamic Color Sliders OFF

Press Ctrl + K keyboard shortcut or go to Edit > Preferences > General and uncheck Dynamic Color Sliders.
Turn off dynamic color sliders
Uncheck Dynamic Color Sliders in Edit > Preferences > General

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Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

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