Absolutely Free InDesign Templates and Scripts

This is small but good collection with absolutely free InDesign templates and scripts. There are so many sites with huge time wasting collections of goodies. Some authors thing that length of tutorials and collections are most important quality which brings visitors on their sites and following their thoughts they are creating huge collections with free goodies which are actually free to download but not and to use it. Goodies usually have terms like free for personal use, you can use it for your blog or site but you must link to source? What this mean? I can use artwork for header on my blog but to place link below to source! Or I can use newsletter template to send to subscribers but to provide link to author site? This kind of goodies are big waste of time in my opinion and I won’t give you links to free sources where you will spend half an hour to find what you need with terms to use it to send greeting card to your girl friend or members of family. If you find any link on my site which leads you to wasting time source please let me know to discard and remove source and link. Thanks for reading this note.

Templates, Actions, Patterns, Styles, Frames

Templates can be good starting point. There isn’t any perfect template so you will need some basic skills to change and adapt them to suit your needs. You can use them as base for your project. Scripts on other hand can save your time and extend InDesign capabilities and functions.

Free InDesign Templates

Until InDesign CS4, Adobe shipped a number of templates with InDesign. However, when CS5 shipped, those templates mysteriously disappeared. After a year of legal wrangling with Adobe, we have obtained permission to distribute those templates here, at InDesignSecrets.com.

InDesign Exchange is place where you can download free templates with one requirement: you must be logged in. To log in you need Adobe ID which is free and takes a couple of minutes to create it.

Free InDesign Scripts

10 Must-Have Free Scripts you can download for free from InDesignSecrets. For your information on the same page is a list with free plug-ins.

InDesign Exchange is also place to download free scripts with same requirement as for templates.

Third source I want to point is indisnip blog with very useful free scripts, check it out.

InDesign / Scripting

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