Quick Cool Effects in Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements 10 is great piece of software with some very cool features like guided editing which allows you to quickly with few clicks create some very cool effects. For this tutorial I choose Pop Art effect because I like it.
Pop Art effect in Photoshop Elements

I will create this effect using snapshot of my blog and there is a reason for that (you can open any image in Photoshop Elements Editor to follow this tutorial). The reason is to remind you that Photoshop Elements can create image from clipboard. Go to File > New > Image from Clipboard.
New image from clipboard

With open or created image in Editor workspace click on Edit then Guided. Find some effect you like or try all of them to see final results. It is very easy to go back using Reset button at bottom of panel on the right side of screen. I will choose Pop Art in this case.
Guided editing

For this particular effect Photoshop Elements gives us few options. First one needs to choose a style for this effect in first step. After choosing style there are three simple steps to press three buttons:

Posterize Image
Add Neon Glow
Duplicate Image

Did is done and you have this very cool effect. Now you can reset everything and start again using Reset button at bottom of panel, to click Done button and finish or to Cancel using button at bottom right corner of panel and window. Whatever you decide to do, note that you can compare image Before/After from View drop-down menu at bottom left corner.

To go back to normal editor workspace click Full below Edit panel title.
Back to normal editor workspace

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop Elements 10

Working in Photoshop Elements / Guided Edit

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