Save time with tool presets

Tool presets can be time saver if you perform same operations over and over like cropping images to specific size for blog, email, cropping from actual pixels with Marquee Tool, painting with favorite Brush, typing with different fonts for different purposes or drawing stars.

To save tool preset, first adjust settings for tool you are currently working with, then press little black arrow next to tool icon at Options Bar, click on Create new tool preset icon and type some descriptive name for that preset.
To use preset, just click on its name and you will be able to use that tool with saved settings. In addition you can easily switch between tools from this floating dialog: first make sure that check mark before Current Tool Only is unchecked and all saved presets  from default set of presets will be listed. Click on any preset for any tool and make that tool active with preset settings ready to serve your needs for project you are working on.
Sometimes you will need to rename or delete tool preset and you can do that by right clicking on preset and choose Rename or Delete.
To save set of presets, click on little triangle at right top corner in Tool Presets floating window and choose Save Tool Presets.., from this drop-down list you can also choose to display existing saved tool presets.

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Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

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