Quick measure and change object sizes in Photoshop

You can use Free Transform to measure and change object sizes. To measure sizes have sense when object is surrounded with transparent background.

Object with transparent background
Object with transparent background
So, enter Free Transform mode with keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T. Look at Options Bar, there are some fields with numbers. Fields for Width (W) and Height (H) are by default set to percent. Right click inside field and choose measurement unit you are familiar with, do the same for both fields W and H.

Change measurement unit
Change measurement unit
You can use Free Transform to change object size, for example when you draw shape. Again enter Free Transform mode, highlight field and type numbers or highlight only numbers and change it. Don't forget to type measurement unit at the end if you have deleted it when you highlighted field.

Width and Height at Options Bar
Width and Height at Options Bar

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Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

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